Energy Chain

Energy Chain LYL

Connect energy industry big data and value

Based on the characteristics and advantages of the blockchain, the energy chain created a Token-based ecosystem and a value trading platform that serves the energy ecology, transforming energy big data into token-holder digital assets.

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DECENT is a non-profit organization headquartered in Europe. It studies the combination of the energy sector and blockchain technology to establish big data for the energy industry and promote the transformation of the global energy industry. Its founder Matej Michalko graduated from the University of London, England, with a master's degree, and The well-known energy conference expounded the application of blockchain in the energy field and the best solution, the predecessor of the energy chain.





The use of blockchain technology, self-construction of public-owned chains, establishment of an energy industry-wide eco-big data model to help explore new energy sources for human development, on the basis of mature basic technical conditions, and with the mature community development, relying on energy The industry-wide eco-big data model will seek more cooperation between organizations and organizations to promote social energy conservation and environmental protection, greening the earth, exploring new energy sources, and contributing to the exploration of promoting the development of human energy, and will participate in the LYL energy industry-wide ecosystem. Users of system node construction share revenue.